fredag den 17. februar 2012

Copenhagen through the Iphone

 Today I spend the entire day with my amazing friend Christina and the pictures shows what we did:
 First we ate brunch at Café Phønix (Vesterbrogade), really delicious!
 Then we went to the hairdresser (Kbh's kosmetologskole). The picture shows a bit of the new hair + my outfit from today

 Then we ate dinner, and afterwards went looking in some shops, we found this shop called "Project 4", which sells some amazing things and I bought 2 shirts in there, which you can see above + I bought a wallet from Vero Moda

We also stepped by the wellknown 2nd hand shop "København K"
 Then we went to the Cinema and watched the new movie with Leonardo Dicaprio "J. Edgar", which was really serious, but really good - great actors

We've had an amazing day - hope you all did :-)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Camilla :)
    Synes meget godt om din blog og dine køb!
    Er blevet fast læser, håber at du vil kigge vores blog du samt blive fast læser:

  2. Mange tak I to :D
    Jeg kigger da lige forbi jeres blog også!