tirsdag den 14. februar 2012

Happy Valentines day

 Outfit from today: scarf H&M, leather jacket Only. 
 Silver ring from "Poul and Jørgen", which I bought yesterday.
 Today I bought these things: a top and necklace from Message aaaand..........
 an IPhone 3Gs!

Today I have been in Copenhagen with my family. We shopped and ate lunch at Joe and the juice (I really, really love their tunacado sandwich and energy shake!). Now I am sitting at home and trying to get my new Iphone to work :-)
The two photos with snow is taken by my littlesister, thought they were so pretty, hope you like them :-)

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  1. It really is, you should stop by the little antique shop on Frederiksberg :-) they have many pretty rings